Somaliland Waddani political party . (We want change). Rashid Abdilahi Moalin

Wednesday July 10, 2024 - 19:58:59 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Somaliland Waddani political party . (We want change). Rashid Abdilahi Moalin

    Wadani party which is a bridge that connects somaliland ...

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Wadani party which is a bridge that connects somaliland ...

Somaliland wadani politcal party which it's popularity feared kulmiye system has inaugurated today many party offices in eastern part of Hargeisa. Thousands of party supporters have welcomed wadani leaders leading by party presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi. The party supporters welcomed the party officials with changing slogans. It was test of strength and test popularity .

Wadani party means success while kulmiye unpopular system system is failure in action. Wadani party means truth in action while kulmiye failed system is fake propaganda in action. Wadani party means sincere promise while kulmiye inefficient system is fake promise in action. Wadani party and kulmiye unpopular system are equal numbers. Hence, we can't compare unequal numbers as wadani overrun Kulmiye ineffective system .

Hargeis 26 june district chanting slogans we went change, we want reforms, we want election, we want democracy, we want democracy, we want Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi, we want one somaliland, we want somaliland unity,we want one nation, we want one people,we want honest leader. Somaliand population across the country spoken loudly against kulmiye authoritarian system that used terrorizing somaliland civilians almost seven years. Enough is .

Wadani party leadership have foiled Kulmiye system policy which was based divide & rule. The days whereby Kulmiye used to divide Somaliand society into groups who are hostile to each other are over long ago as most people in Somaliand freed from the effects of kulmiye .

Somaliland wadani political party which is the sole hope for the entire somaliland has cut the ribbon nine beatiful offices in Hargeisa 9 districts. In view of the party successive leadership, 80 % of somaliland voters included former kulmiye supporters have joined wadani party. Kulmiye is like shop with empty shelves .

Wadani political party which it's shinning popularity and it's continual expansion has overshadowed kulmiye failed government has opened many beautiful offices across somaliland. In this effect, wadani presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi inaugurated today new office for wadani party which is well furnished
in hargeisa Mohamed Haibeh district. The office will be information collection and research center for the wadani party throughout somaliland .

Wadani party which is a bridge that connects somaliland population to each entitled to be labelled a victories party in Somaliand as the party shinng image has the win the hearts, the minds and the emotions for the entire somaliland population throughout the country. Long live Wadani party.

It is doubtless, chairman Hersi Haji Ali is more valuable, more trustable, more sincere, more efficient, more productive, more effective, more professional, more charismatic, more reliable, more honest and better quality in contrast with his clan members from kulmiye system. Chairman Hersi Hajji Ali is good reputation in action. He is truth in action. He is success in action. He is trustworthy in action. He is reliability in action. He is honesty in action. He is clean heart in action. He is successful work in action..

Rashid Abdilahi Mualin .

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