We can't accept Muse Bihi unwise decisions. Ali Behi

Tuesday July 09, 2024 - 10:41:01 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    We can't accept Muse Bihi unwise decisions. Ali Behi

    Almost 80 % of Somaliand society make up are against the so called...

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Almost 80 % of Somaliand society make up are against the so called...

Somaliland has no problem but Muse bihi. We have no problem other than Muse Bihi. We have no crisis but Muse bihi. Our problem is only Muse Bihi. Therefore, every Somaliland citizen has moral obligation to unseat President Muse Bihi dictatorship system that terrorized our people .

There is minimum doubt that Muse bihi is dictator who oppose logic. Being a dictator, muse formulated unwise decisions which are based on dictatorship mentality. He oppose check and balance Being a dictator. Muse bihi is against political competition Being a dictator .

President Muse Bihi who is characterised all signs of dictatorship rule is the least reputable and brutal rule among Somaliland former presidents. None of Somaliand former presidents have looted somaliland limited resources, but he looted. Muse is wearing a glass which he can only see his personal interest. Muse bihi would have arrested thousands and killed hundreds in the event he have the power like former somali dictatorship regime that collapsed in 1991.

The government of Jibouti hosts SSC leader after he received an official invitation from the government of Jibouti.Earlier, the government of Jibouti inclined towards somaliland. situation is different at present in contrast with the past as Jibouti is inclines towards khaatumo state. This proves politics has no specific colour. It is always changeable. This is what happening at present between Jibouti and khaatumo state that established special relationship between them .

Almost 80 % of Somaliand society make up are against the so called memorandum of understanding inked by two unpopular leaders who are short minimum reputation in their own countries. We can't accept memorandum of understanding which we don't know it's contents as this like praiseing someone that you did have minimum information about him. We can't accept something which is hidden from us. We can't accept the hidden interest between Muse bihi and Aby Ahmed who have hidden political interest. We will not accept something that didn't serve the collective interest of somaliland society collectively. We can't accept fake dreams between Muse bihi and Aby Ahmed. We can't accept something which we never saw it. We can't accept something which we did not read it's pages. We can't accept blank pages. We can't accept bad intentions. We can't accept harmful pages. We can't accept something that damages the future of our people. We can't accept something which we don't know it's consequence. We don't accept something sourced by two dictatorship systems. We can't accept something which we didn't have any guarantee against it . We can't accept something signed without the convern of our people. We can't accept something which don't have the approval of our people. We can't accept conspiracy aimed to our people. We can't accept negative intentions. We can't accept I'll intentions. In conclusion, No means No, but not Yes .

Faisal Ali waraabe who is a failed politician is short any humanity and any commonsense. He expressed his gladness about the killing for children and elders in laascaano. The killings has pleased the failed politician. The failed politician is failure in action. The failed politician promote more barbaric killing being short of morality. This is the first time we have observed someone who preach killing in laascaano. The failed politician involved somaliland politics over 30 years and lost election three times. Consequently, the failed politician need to retire further politics in somaliland as he is short minimum chance to be elected as somaliland president as no one in Somaliand is prepared to waste his vote as Faisal Ali waraabe is not different than losing .

Minister Mohamed kahin attempted to create and plant enmity and hostilities between sisters and brothers in Balimataan and sabawaang districts that originates same origin, but he failed. His effort to create enmity has generated these brothers and sisters to close each other. His trial to make difference between sisters and brothers in Salaxlay, sabawaang and Baalimataan become counterproductive and backfired. The productive event that pleased all the participants which our pleased our eyes and ears translated the close ties between the brothers and sisters in these three districts. The landmark event was role model for historic event. It was wonderful event that pleased everyone alike .

Ali Behi

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