Kulmiye party politically bankrupted. We are living in false hopes . Ali Behi

Sunday June 30, 2024 - 17:24:04 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Kulmiye party politically bankrupted. We are living in false hopes . Ali Behi

    It is great shame to sing you prefer none muslim Amharaic

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It is great shame to sing you prefer none muslim Amharaic

President Muse Bihi is a leader who raises controversial issues frequently which is not expected from president. President Muse never paid respect the constitution and the law of rule in his country. While speaking in our media, Muse Bihi never spoken in constructive objectivity. Muse bihi believe, somaliland is his own property. This is reason why President Muse Bihi Habitually speak irresponsibly & illogically .

Animal farm is a story writen by George Orwell. It is about a story of Animals that revolted against their boss who used to terrorized them. The story was writen during soviet Stalin authoritarian rule in 1945. Stalin period in Russia was worst period in Russia revolution. President Muse rule in Somaliand reminds us the story of Animal farm which is painful story.

It is great shame to sing you prefer none muslim Amharaic in contrast with somali muslim from Garawo. This is immoral expression as after all, we are somalis by origin even though somaliland was separated from somalia innm 1991. The guy who composed this so called song lost image. We share with somalis language, religion, culture and traditional values, origin as thousands of our mothers and grand moms originate from somalia, while we share with Amhara only the black color and nothing more.

We never expected somaliland citizen who was invited in national event was discriminated by his President. It was heart broken story president Muse Bihi rejected to shake hand with somaliland traditional leader called Nasir who extended his hand to shake hand with his president. It is regrettable story which will be remembered long lasting .

Somaliland wadani party become political centre that units somaliland population across the country. The party is experiencing unprecedented expansion & landmark enlargement. This is because the party leaders have attracted the hearts & minds of somaliland society collectively. In view of above, kulmiye failed system is experiencing its worst period since founded as majority of Somaliand voters put their weight and votes behind wadani party. This is made kulmiye party politically bankrupted.

The possibility of Somaliand ethiopia deal with regard somaliland offering sea excess to somaliland in exchange ethiopia recognizing somaliland has a grim chance to proceed as turkey which have strong backing of America and qatar have inserted heavy pressure to ethiopia which made impossible to deal to proceed. Hence, we are living on false hopes .

Unlike the dictator Muse bihi, somaliland wadani political party which have solid support and strong backing to the entire somaliland population across the country will form a unity government which it's first priority is to uniy somaliland total population throughout somaliland as unity and victory are twins. Unity means power and strength. Wadani party promote the power of oneness. The party preach and advocating one people,one voice, one nation and strong somaliland.

President Muse Bihi who is self dictator has the intention to hijack the due presidential election. Answering questions about ethiopia and somalia, American official Molly phee said, they hearing somaliland government has the intention to delay the presidential election. This will damage somaliland democratic image, Molly .
Said .

As somaliland is not his own property, president Muse Bihi who is typically a dictator can't hold the power of Somaliand through gun point. He can't remain power in Somaliand through the use of force. He can't able to hijack somaliland right to vote through democratic election. He can't be able to silent somaliland democratic voices .

Ali Behi

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