Muse Behi Failed Government.

Thursday May 16, 2024 - 12:19:43 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Muse Behi Failed Government.

    President Muse Bihi and Mohamed kahin don't played postive

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President Muse Bihi and Mohamed kahin don't played postive

Kulmiye failed government is trying to cheat the commitment entered by wadani party leadership to Gabiley local population with grade uplifting gabiley regional status. Inline with wadani party recommendation, the cabinet of ministers approved wadani party proposal about Gabiley. Kulmiye failed system is trying to eat a food which didn't paid it's cost .

People that played destructive role during SNM liberation struggle has no right to claim SNM victory against former brutal regime in somalia ousted by SNM and allied forces. President Muse used to oppose every Somaliland administration even during SNM liberation. Formerly, these men have cooperated during SNM days to sabotage the liberation struggle .

President Muse Bihi and Mohamed kahin don't played postive role in SNM liberation liberation struggle. In fact, they played damaged role for the liberation struggle as they used to sabotage the liberation struggle. No one can beatify leaders known a negative records in the past .

We can't believe anymore those who were responsible somaliland army force defeat in August 25, 2024. In fact, those responsible for our army severe defeat should have been charged being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of our army forces and hundreds of war prisoners .

Wadani party fast train is ready to reach it's final destination which is somaliland presidential palace. Consequently, all Somaliland population throughout the country is informed to come on board before too late as kulmiye failed system train is out function permanently .

Kulmiye failed system preach fake nationalism . The system didn't familiar clean records even during SNM liberation struggle. Somaliland didn't two colonels with negative mentalities . We don't need military mentality to rule system but we need civilian mentality leadership .

Ali Behi

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