Muse Behi failed president .

Saturday May 11, 2024 - 10:35:51 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Muse Behi failed president .

    Kulmiye failed system believe false presumption about ...

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Kulmiye failed system believe false presumption about ...

I have carefully listened the president address about his candidacy in somaliland due presidential election. The president looked as if he is speaking to himself but not to somaliland public as the chance the president to be reelected again stands less than 1 % possibility.


Somaliland president Muse will leave a legacy which involved death, destruction, humantrian crisis, military defeat, political isolation, economical failure, injustice, one-sided judiciary, election delays, unfairness for somaliland resources and restricting freedom of speech etc .


Kulmiye failed system believe false presumption about themselves. They believe false proudness which didn't exist in the ground. They believe false pride which is not found in the ground. They live in dreams which is far from reality. They are effected syndrome known as wadani party leadership .


When proved wrong, a wise leadership correct themselves, but Kulmiye system never correct their mistakes as they consider their mistakes and their wrongs as right and correct. The question is, how can party can make success when they can't distinguish the wrong from the right.


Somaliland didn't need a leader who praise himself. Somaliland didn't need military mentality leadership. Somaliland didn't need warmongers.Somaliland didn't need a leader who believes day dream stories. Somaliand didn't need a government which failed in every respect .


Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi speech about his candidacy in due presidential election expected to be held in November 13, 2024 contained elements which indicates the president party has hidden agenda of rigging the election which is common practice for kulmiye failed system .


President Muse Bihi entertain himself false hope which he can't translate into reality. He entertain himself impossible wishes. It is true if wishes are horses, beggars would have ride it. President Muse should realise year 2024 is not in his favore but favours to Abdirahman .


President Muse Bihi declared his candidacy in somaliland due presidential election. The president said, he will win the election like the samemanner in 2017. But he felt short to inform his people how he will win the due election. The president should realise self praise is equal zero praise .


Ali Behi


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