Kulmiye Failed Government

Thursday May 09, 2024 - 09:30:18 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Kulmiye Failed Government

    Success and failure have two different definitions according...

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Success and failure have two different definitions according...

Somaliland military general Tani threaten the western countries to make an alliance with the eastern alliance such as Russia, china & iran in the event the western countries & arab countries continue training and arming somalia in expanse of somaliland. This is threat to somaliland, he said. General Tani live in day dreams which has no effect in the ground .


Somaliland government lacks proper public policies which they can overcome the challenges facing somaliland at present. They are short successful performancen and the efficiency which makes them to succeed. This is the reason why this government rotates within axis of failures.


Success and failure have two different definitions according to dictionary. We gain success when achieve our dedicated goals, but failure is, when we are short any achievements which makes us to be proud of like Somaliand current government which consider failure as success.


Somaliland current government is like someone who is traveling but don't know his final destination as this government is short clear goals with clear purpose. They are short the law of logic of logic which facilities them to communicate with the rest of the world. In fact, they live in confusion.


Somaliland government is short the capacity and charisma to lead somaliland to successful destination as this government lacks the diplomacy language which is the key requirement nations to speak each other. They are short political road map that connects them the other nations. In view of above, kulmiye failed government cut off from the international community being lacks the law of logic .


Somaliland being at crossroads, there is an urgent to change current government which disappointment every Somaliland citizen across the country.There is an urgent need to elect new leadership in somaliland that can salvage the country and lead somaliland to satisfactory results.


Ali Behi


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