Kulmiye Failed Government. Ali Behi

Wednesday May 08, 2024 - 10:53:32 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Kulmiye Failed Government. Ali Behi

    Kulmiye failed system has the culture of fake promises...

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Kulmiye failed system has the culture of fake promises...

All Somaliand president Muse Bihi promises during election campaign became fake promise as shown in here. The President has failed to translate into reality all his political campaign promises. Trust is like a mirror once broken can't be repaired again. We can't be fooled again. Fool me once, shame to you, fool me twice, shame to me .

Somaliland has legitimate case to gain diplomatic recognition. But somaliland to attain diplomatic recognition under president Muse Bihi administration is more than impossible dream reason being the law of logic is not mentioned in the books of president Muse Bihi administration .

Kulmiye failed system has the culture of fake promises.They never pay respect to any of their promises which they have committed earlier. This means Kulmiye is untrustworthy. Somaliand president has failed to kept 95% of his political campaign during his election campaign in 2017 .

Somaliland will remain politically isolated unless we unseat kulmiye system which isolated somaliland from every corner. In view of narrow minded policies for President Muse government, the whole international community led by world influential players have confronted somaliland .

Kulmiye is clan based political party but not true democratic party. The party leadership triblism has registered a peak record. Their nepotism has registered a new record. The failed system leadership pen is programed appointing their own clan members being tribally minded.

Ali Behi

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