Somaliland people can't be hostage for Kulmiye government. Ali Behi

Saturday April 13, 2024 - 16:34:19 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Somaliland people can't be hostage for Kulmiye government. Ali Behi

    However, Somaliand opposition parties in particular wadani...

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However, Somaliand opposition parties in particular wadani...

Somaliland people can't be hostage for a government that violates the basic rights of its people which described in united nations human rights universal declaration from articles 1 to 10.

But it seems human rights universal declaration
is not mentioned in kulmiye failed government books.
we never expected losing our minimum rights in free somaliland.

We never expected harash rule in our own country. Kulmiye failed government has prohibited minimum rights for our people.

Kulmiye government has considered somaliland and its resources as their own belongs.
They exist to acculate maximum resources of wealth from somaliland poor tax payers.

This failed system considered anyone spoken against the government as a crime against the state like the former somali brutal regime that terrorized somaliland civilians over 20 years.

Kulmiye government addresses somaliland local population in abusive and threatening language which are wrong and shame In every standard.

Freedom of speech in Somaliand is not mentioned in kulmiye failed government records.
We can't accept under any logic our people continually subject to detain and arrest illegally.

Kulmiye government has arrested in the past somaliland traditional sultans, somaliland politicians from somaliland opposition parties and Private Media organizations.
What happening in somaliland reminds us the former dictatorship in somalia, in order words before liberating somaliland.

Our constitution guarantee the political Freedom of our people. But somaliland constitution is just like blank papers for kulmiye failed system. Harassment and night raids to innocent civilians are common practice in kulmiye government.

Somaliland police brutality has registered a peak record since kulmiye government came to office in 2017. In above, It seems people living in a big prison. It was shame act arresting somaliland 20 young girls in Hargeisa and jailed them in Gabiley city. Such inhumanity never happened even in sayid Bare regime days.
Above this, many somaliland civilians were killed by this government, hundreds have been injured and hundreds were arrest simply kulmiye failed government has denied their rights to protest against unlawful rules from kulmiye failed system.

Human rights violation of this government has registered a peak record. This government has delayed somaliland presidential election which supposed to held in 13 November 2022 to remain in office more than official term in office. This continual election delays has damaged somaliland image locally and internationally.
In conclusion, we appreciate the great Habar Jacelo traditional sultans, somaliland parliament and somaliland house of elders that oblige kulmiye failed system to accept a time frame fornour due election expected to hold in end of November 2024.

However, Somaliand opposition parties in particular wadani should keep in an eye kulmiye failed government tactics to delay the due election once again.
All of us are fully aware kulmiye failed system maneuvering to delay the election as happened many before. kulmiye is short to be trusted.
Trust is like a mirror once broken can't be repaired again.
I am 100 % sure every true citizen in somaliland has same vision what I have written in above .

Ali Behi

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