The questions is , who believe the Minister of the interior Mohamed Kaahin lies. Ali Behi

Thursday April 04, 2024 - 11:18:31 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    The questions is , who believe the Minister of the interior Mohamed Kaahin lies. Ali Behi

    Kulmiye prefer the most respected somaliland citizen than...

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Kulmiye prefer the most respected somaliland citizen than...

As pictures presented through the television channels have no impact on the ground, somaliland population across the country need from kulmiye truthful success which they have accomplished but not a presentation of pictures through television channels.
We need truthful deeds but pictures .

Somaliland population tagged kulmiye failed party as a bunch of failed politicians. Birds of feature like flake together. Kulmiye failed system members are short minimum reputation in the eyes of every somaliland citizen as they made hopeless the aspirations of our people .

The law of logic is not mentioned in Kulmiye books.
This is the reason why they invited the least reputable personality in the eyes of the majority as good image is not registered for the books of kulmiye. Additionally, good reputation and kulmiye leadership are opposite to each other. Kulmiye failed system has the culture of attracting the liars of the century .

Kulmiye prefer the most respected somaliland citizen than a big liar who spreads fake stories against his own his people simply because he speaks rotten language against his clan members.
Kulmiye government invited ibrahim Duufle to thank him his fabricated lies .

Somaliland didn't need a system that effected hatred against it's people.
We don't need a system that become jealous against it's people. We didn't need a system that lies against it's people.

We don't need a system that employ liar to speak dirty language against his relatives. This failed system dislike every Somaliland citizen who is a member of wadani party and wadani leadership .

Propaganda is something which is not real. It is something invented but truth.. it is a form of lies. Always the man weak use Propaganda but not the strong man. It is fabricated story. Kulmiye being failed system, they depends lies because they have nothing else to depend. The reason kulmiye depends on propaganda is, kulmiye is a bunch of failed politicians .

Somaliland minister of interior Mohamed Kahin believe wrong about definition of somaliland. He believes somaliland as kulmiye members. He believe wrong about SNM definition as he believes SNM as only kulmiye members. He believes somaliland political parties as kulmiye only .

Kulmiye party used to oppose somaliland diplomatic recognition during Dahir government administration.
The question is,who is prepared to believe kulmiye government search for somaliland political recognition since kulmiye used oppose Somaliland diplomatic recognition in the past ?. This is pure double standard policy .

Our History answer our past records an as well as our present records as no one can develop a new History for him which is different than his old History. Hence,kulmiye which their opposition during dahir government damaged somaliland image can't develop new a new image for them as their past reflects their current image. They can't be different than what they were during government .

Kulmiye party attempt to generate a new image which is different than their Former image will encounter concrete blocks which are impossible to breakthroug and any effort they will excert to create better image will certainly end up dead result being more than impossible trial.

Ali Behi

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