"Somaliland's Path to Progress: Overcoming the Grip of the Kulmiye Party"

Tuesday April 02, 2024 - 12:03:56 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    "Somaliland's Path to Progress: Overcoming the Grip of the Kulmiye Party"

    Somaliland's future depends on changing the Kulmiye party.

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Somaliland's future depends on changing the Kulmiye party.

The Kulmiye party deliberately postponed the Somaliland election, initially scheduled for December 2022, with the clear intention of extending their time in office by two years beyond their official term. It appears that the party had never made adequate preparations for holding elections in Somaliland, treating the country as their personal domain. Even now, there remains doubt whether Kulmiye is genuinely committed to holding elections in Somaliland.


Kulmiye has deprived our people of their fundamental rights: the right to vote, the right to determine their future, the right to speak up, the right to demand their rights, the right to cast their votes, the right to protest injustice, and the right to speak the truth.


The future of Somaliland hinges on removing the failed system of the Kulmiye party. Our future depends on ousting the Kulmiye regime, voting against its failed policies, raising a unified voice against its unjust governance, and uniting to bring about change in a party that has usurped the voices and votes of our people.


We refuse to allow Kulmiye to strip us of our rights to vote and to elect future leaders for our country. They cannot deny us the ability to shape the future of our nation or silence our voices in the face of injustice. They will not succeed in hijacking our votes.


According to the majority of voters, there is an anticipation of a landslide win for the opposition party, the Wadani Party. This prediction reflects the sentiments of many in Somaliland, who are determined to bring about change and justice in the country's political landscape.


The leadership of Kulmiye is likened to a sinking boat without hope for help. Their reluctance to hold elections in Somaliland stems from their fear of losing in a free and fair electoral process. They are apprehensive because they have failed in every social aspect of life.




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