Your vote Is your choice (Somalilander's) . Ali Behi.

Saturday March 30, 2024 - 11:42:43 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Your vote Is your choice (Somalilander's) . Ali Behi.

    The word justice is short the books of kulmiye failed system.

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The word justice is short the books of kulmiye failed system.

Every citizen from Somaliand has moral duty to unseat kulmiye system as loyal to kulmiye means you accept injustice in your country. It means you accepted not to be loyal to your people but loyal to a failed system. Loyal to kulmiye means you are against the future of your people. Kulmiye prefer the bullet than the ballot .

Logic and Kulmiye government never agree each other reason being Kulmiye government is number one of Logic as they believe false imaginations which has no validity in any part of the world.They belive false stories which are against acceptable Logic.They believe impossible dreams. They fiction stories and drama films

The word justice is short the books of kulmiye failed system. Doing right is short from their books. Speaking logic is short from their books. Speaking sense is short from their books. Thinking right is short from their books. Uniting your people is short in their books.

Kulmiye party has the culture of spreading against Somaliand noble leaders in particular wadani leadership who are the sole choice and the sole leaders of somaliland. But Kulmiye party forgot the fact that lies short lives. Kulmiye failed government can't turn lies into truth being more than impossible .

This is my plea to every Somaliland citizen locally as well somaliland overseas community to join me unseating kulmiye failed government that lead somaliland into unpredictable consequence which no one knows it's results. We need to save the future of our country. Let's act before too late. Let's save the future of children and the future of our due generations .

Kulmiye failed government has raised the concern to unseat this failed system which is the source somaliland to experience social failure,political failure, economic failure and military failure. We have no minimum hope unless we unseat this system that damaged somaliland image locally and internationally .

Ali Behi

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