Unraveling the Rhetoric: Buuni's Divisive Conduct Threatens Somaliland's Unity (Ali Behi)

Wednesday September 13, 2023 - 11:25:40 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    Unraveling the Rhetoric: Buuni's Divisive Conduct Threatens Somaliland's Unity (Ali Behi)

    One troubling aspect of Buuni's behavior is his tendency

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One troubling aspect of Buuni's behavior is his tendency

*In the realm of politics, we encounter voices that foster unity, progress, and the common good. Regrettably, we also come across voices that stoke division, propagate falsehoods, and prioritize personal agendas over the interests of the nation. In Somaliland, one such divisive figure has been grabbing headlines of late - Buuni.*


Buuni, a prominent member of the Kulmiye party, has recently stirred controversy due to his inflammatory language and habit of spreading falsehoods. His actions and statements have cast a cloud over not just the Kulmiye party but also posed a grave threat to the unity and stability of Somaliland.


**Divisive Tactics:**

One troubling aspect of Buuni's behavior is his tendency to verbally attack the Wadani party, even when they are not in power. Buuni's words often create a false narrative that implies Wadani's rule, even though it's far from reality. This divisive rhetoric only serves to deepen existing divisions within the already fragile political landscape.


A prime example of Buuni's divisive tactics was when he falsely attributed the defeat in Laascaanood to Abdirahman Cirro, a prominent Wadani leader. This baseless accusation not only constituted a falsehood but also led to immediate consequences. Clans were pitted against each other, and Somaliland's unity was jeopardized, all due to the divisive nature of Buuni's statements.


**Falsehoods and Manipulation:**

Buuni's track record of spreading false information extends beyond political rivalries. One noteworthy instance was his misleading claim about the release of Bushaaro, a young woman who had been unjustly imprisoned for months. Buuni wrongly credited her release to Mohamed Kaahin, the Interior Minister, who shares a clan with Bushaaro. In reality, it was the tireless efforts of Garxajis MPs, not her clan, that secured her freedom. Buuni's distortion of this incident underscores his readiness to twist facts to advance his personal agenda.


**Concerns for Mental Well-being:**

Given Buuni's erratic behavior and detachment from reality, it's becoming increasingly apparent that he may need mental health support. His actions and statements raise questions about his overall well-being, and addressing this issue is not only a matter of personal concern but also essential to protect Somaliland's integrity and unity.


**Kulmiye's Role and Responsibility:**

It's worth noting that some supporters of the Kulmiye party appear to endorse Buuni's divisive conduct. This raises serious questions about the party's commitment to fostering unity and responsible political discourse. By condoning Buuni's actions, they risk further deepening divisions within Somaliland.


**Moving Forward:**

Somaliland deserves better than divisive rhetoric, false accusations, and questionable behavior. To chart a path forward, we must hold individuals like Buuni accountable for their actions, promote politics founded on honesty and inclusivity, and address mental health concerns when they arise.


The future of Somaliland depends on leaders who prioritize unity, progress, and the welfare of all its citizens over personal agendas and divisive tactics. Let us remember that political discourse should be a force that unites and uplifts, not one that divides and damages. It's high time to reevaluate our political landscape and ensure it reflects the aspirations of a united and prosperous Somaliland for all.


In the end, it's not just about Buuni; it's about the values and principles we hold dear in the quest for a better Somaliland.


Ali Behi



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