The Soldier At Xaafad-Tooyo Should Step Down Now ( Abdi-Shotaly)!

Saturday March 18, 2023 - 11:42:53 in Articles by Xaaji Faysal
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    The Soldier At Xaafad-Tooyo Should Step Down Now ( Abdi-Shotaly)!

    * N.B The Time of Morgan's House Dictator Is Gone & No One Can Be Decived The Public At The Moment.

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* N.B The Time of Morgan's House Dictator Is Gone & No One Can Be Decived The Public At The Moment.

The country that I love mostand my people is doesn't exist any more, Dhulbahnte And Warsan-Gely had gone & never come back again. Themafia mobs at Morgan's house, who knows nothing about administration but completely abused it, vandalised the power by dictating dambs,in order to suppress freedom of expression, justice, equality of nationals was already graved after mental soldiers robbed the nation's Taxes and finance, as one of soldier's aides quoted at his speech in front of public and private medias. 

Poor or Mal-nutritioned young children are dying in streets, Starvations is also common in every spot of this provisional Region of Somaliland, killing of civilians,bombing and live firing bullets become normal in every corner with in the boundary, like that of Las-Anod,Hargeisa,Burao and Erigavo, roads are all outdated, people pay heavy " Taxes but unfortunately" All these gone in pockets of the top "Mafia group Heego" Who are closed circles of his relatives, in-laws, his children and so on.

 Now it's in a position of bunkrupcy,now he sent his Election Committee to Emirate & Nairobi for begging international community, despite his so called ex-foreign minister Mr Essa Kayd denied today their collaborations of international community who feed them in every effort, he is playing double standardised policy, because the mentality of the soldier at there works with lies rather than facts on the ground.


My brothers/sisters, I want explain to you clearly whether you deny it or accept the facts at there ( I mean our country). The Dhulbante Clergyman ( Madax-dhaqmeedkii Dhulbahante) Said with a loud voice;-

(1) This sick man is still lying to International community because he didn't fulfilled the cease fire that was agreed and bombing us continuously.

(2) We are not collaborating with the meeting of Addis-Ababba" till the two soldier's administration of Hargeisa is withdrawn their soldiers from our soil.

(3) This Soldier should step down first, otherwise we would not be negotiated with him and his Isaq's Clergymen or in Somali " Madax- Dhaqmeedka Isaq.

(4) After the step down this administration should pay the cost of all damages & compensations including the people they killed and buildings that they demolished by bombing.

(5) Till all top points are agreed we are not going to Ethiopia on negotiation.


This fake administrators at " Xaafad-Tooyo" Are brainless thieves, no one can ever believe it, they have no ears to listen, they denied all the advices that was forwarded to them by Clergymen around country, business people, the Honorable Religious Sheikhs, the Two chairman of Parliamentary & House of Elders, although Mrs Suleiman whose nikckname is " Mr Christian" Was not honest but secretly supporting the soldier under the water shadows. At the top of all above, Soldier's cousin in-law dictator at Djabuti whose named is called Ismail Omar Geelle provides and supplies all military technical equipments such as tanks artillery big guns and another so much military assistancs. What ever the case is, he advised to be the only Sole King of Somaliland territory and leave the chair to his son after death. That is the brain of two dictators in Hargeisa and Djabuti.

* N.B The Time of Morgan's House Dictator Is Gone & No One Can Be Decived The Public At The Moment.



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