Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch Dog Of UK Group Is Condemening Mrs S. I. Haroun Beatings.

Wednesday March 15, 2023 - 15:07:40 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch Dog Of UK Group Is Condemening Mrs S. I. Haroun Beatings.

    Hello Mr A. J. Ahmed.

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Hello Mr A. J. Ahmed.



We are very sorry to heard such a this event that happened last night in Hargeysa. We the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Dog is deeply concerned about the beatings made by the secret Terrorist Group ( As you wrote in your report of Mrs Sahra Ismail Haroun) Headed by the son of Somaliland President Mr Ahmed  Musa Behi. This administration has the culture of killings and beating of innocent people. I really run mad this morning, when I received these bleeding pictures of Mrs S. I. Haroun (  The lady who is spokeswoman for Women"s Section on behalf of  Somaliland National Party called Waddani). We will promise to deal urgently as soon as we can. This office is absolutely so sorry about this report that you sent it to us and condemning it this shameful and pity practices made by the son of President Behi.


This unrecognised provisional Region of Somalia always do an illegal acts against human dignitaries or values while they are working on behalf of the man in office ( Regional President), its a very ridiculous and shamefully act if the president's children is over the law and breaking it. Mr Ahmed Please pass this e-mail to all concerned families and relatives.


Thank You.

Yours Faithfully .

Mrs Lorrel Hunkingson,

Under Secretary Of Uk

Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch Dog.


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