The Two Somaliand Soldiers Started The War Of Las-Anod ( Abdi-Shotaly).

Saturday February 11, 2023 - 18:17:29 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    The Two Somaliand Soldiers Started The War Of Las-Anod ( Abdi-Shotaly).

    Good Morning All Top Somaliland Partners:-

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Good Morning All Top Somaliland Partners:-


TO:- Amnesty International & Human Rights Watch Dog UK.



TO:- EU.


TO:- AU.





Good Morning All Top Somaliland Partners:-


The war that recently broke out at Sool Region for the last six days, particularly the capital city of Las-Anod, was undoubtedly started by the two soldiers who dictated the country's constitution senselessly and thrown out behind their backs, their main jobs is to create a weather of hatering enemities between national Inhabitants and that is what is going on around in every spot of our beloved home, specially at Las-Anod. A countless number of civilian casualites took place both in death, very serious Injuries, Financial institution and properties as well.


My readers of this article, if you are thinking in the real sense of humanity, the so called administration in Hargeisa which is controlled and advice by the man in Djabuti ( Ismail Omar Geelle) was caused all these problems. Whether you believe it or not, about 80,000 Inhabitants of Las-Anod was displaced and now living in neighbouring villages or gone to Rural open plains, seeking safe at nearby areas, they have no food, water and medicals as well as sheltering.


Last night the two Soldiers on the above falsely declared a cease fire which was by mouth only but playing tricks to tell the world that they are stopped the war against civilians.

Really I surprised when I heard from the Somaliland independent TVS and Websites, that the soldiers announced imminent cease fire. Honestly, I don't believed what they said, because I was known what they are messaging to outside world and their intended objectives. Again my readers, as I was known and thinking before, all what they announced was false, baseless, untrue tricks. Despite what they declared was to make an air of confusion. As their usual attacks, early at this morning after prayers time, the Hargeisa administration broke their promises of cease fire and start targeting civilian residences, killed again dozens of innocent people with heavy mortar shelling. For that sake and at last, I want to convey the Partners of this administration such as EU, USA, UK, AU, Canada, Igad and Regional governments I.E Ethiopia and Kenya to stop this bloodshed and meaningless war against these innocent people, who did nothing wrong.

* N. B A dictator Knows Power Only But Not fairness And Justice.

By Abdi-Shotaly.


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