Mr IRRO Not Sold The Party But Centralised It (Abdi-Shotaly).

Saturday November 27, 2021 - 13:10:11 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    Mr IRRO Not Sold The Party But Centralised It (Abdi-Shotaly).

    N.B A Lie Never Go Far But Lives In Excuses Of No Verifications.

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N.B A Lie Never Go Far But Lives In Excuses Of No Verifications.

Hello again my friends of Hadhwanaagnews readers, fistly, I wish you health and prosperous where ever you are. So, after I having said the above few words of this article's heading, I want to respond The man who called his name Mr Mukhtar Elmi, who always tells lies from Presidential absolute and real Candidate of Somaliland Mr Abdirahman IRRO and Waddani National party. Today all what I mean is. The Waddani National Party is the largest one in Somaliland at the moment and increasing minute after minute, day after day, because its supporters and part supporters are coming to it overwhelmedly in surprise and unimaginable numbers, not in singles but in groups, clans, organisations as well as individuals, no any other so called party is doing that progress in every side you look, including the one you support by clan name ( The Qudhmiye party). Please shame upon yourself and tell the truth.


Again as you said in your short sighted vision, lacking or having no hint, clue in reality wise, Mr IRRO doesn't sold the party but Centralised it, you and your deaf soldier or his blind party followers cannot understand that processes of widening managements of their party, because its a dictator's party, they have no say but keep collecting the national money, everything is in his pocket, he orders them from A-Z to all so called clan ministers at " Xaafad-Tooyo", My Friend, if your are open mined, independent, not connected to the soldier in clan wise or somehow or the other, your were supposed to verify what Mr IRRO did and agree it thoroughly, since he paved a very democratic way of governing, distributed the party management into party heads, instead of your " Qudhmiye Party" which is unlike to Waddani National Party, but yours is owned and ministered by a single dictator, deaf and dumb soldier, who never ever listens any body, his mental having no clue of government administrations whatsoever.


 A part from that, Mr IRRO has Handed and transferred the managerial job  Of Waddani Party to Right honourable Persons persons as MR Herisi Haji Ali Hassan, Its a power sharing and party collaboration, distributing the power to party officials, gave every group a specific job to make it easy, to smooth it the daily business of this national party " Waddani" simply because he is not a dictator as your man do " The Man who remained alive when all SNM real heroes has gone except very few ones" or in Somali " Raggii ma adigaa ka hadhay". Again my friend, Waddani national party, is the only party which gave or invited Women to top managerial jobs I.e Mrs MIlgo Sanbaloshe". As the party's administration planned, All Somaliland inter-clans around up and down of the country, are members of top flight leaders, all though your " Qudhmiye Party is in one man's hand, whether you deny or not, even the most intellectual leaders of his clan are participated at Waddani Party, Such as Mohamed Bihi Yonis, Abiib Tima-cade, Ismail yare and countless other numbers of same clan of the Soldier ( Even the real Reer Gulaid Samatar) are now gathering at Waddani Party. In short, Qudhmiye is lost and not succeed in presidential elections of November 2022. you have to face what is going around corners of Somaliland.


* N.B  A Lie Never Go Far But Lives In Excuses Of No Verifications.

By Abdi_ Shotaly.


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