Waddani Presidential Candidate Broke Clan Division's Chains (Abdi-Shotaly).

Saturday November 20, 2021 - 08:44:12 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    Waddani Presidential Candidate Broke Clan Division's Chains (Abdi-Shotaly).

    N.B Surprise change Of Somaliland Politics Is A New Door Opportunity of Progress!

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N.B Surprise change Of Somaliland Politics Is A New Door Opportunity of Progress!

                The leader of  Somaliland National party and Presidential Candidate, paved a new route of politics in which no one gone before him, thanks to God ( Our Allah). He broke the chain of clan divisions that separated tribes from each other, Also he cured the ill feeling phobia between them with the right prescription. no one think of it ever before him.This road was unthinkable to all people, unacceptable, not expecting and unbelievable in ordinary nationals, so called politicians but he encouraged and led the way that he intended to do. Nevertheless he did it without any hesitations, because he is the right leader who can create new policy visions which can change the old fashioned bad customs, cultures and tribalism enthusiastic of clan hatings. Mr Abdirahman ( The Leader Of Waddani Party) The bravest leader in third world politics business, I appreciate him, he will succeed in his course of presidential approach insha-allah.


    In here, I will give you some examples of classic brillant world leaders. in other words, I'm obsessed with leadership.I believe every employee deserves a workplace where she is led boldly, supported and believed in, treated with respect, called higher, and invited to bring her whole, best self to work every day. Furthermore, I believe that only leadership heroes have the courage, commitment and power to create and sustain such workplaces. And because of the high stake   involved, those of us who aspire to seats of power and responsibility should rightly be held to the highest standards. "As if they were our sons.


    This obsession causes me to take note of leadership behaviours and practices everywhere I go and in whatever I'm doing, which is how I was reacquainted with Chilean President Sebastian Pin era. In an inspiring post on entrepreneurship   by Julie Meyer, she interjected a brief mention of the 2010 Chilean mine collapse at Copiapó. The quote she included from President Pin era made my heart soar: "In our case, we didn't waste a second. From the very first moment, we decided to take full responsibility for the rescue effort."


                You may recall that 33 miners were trapped in the northern Chile mine, an incident that dragged on for 70 long days. When, against all hope, every single miner was rescued, it became a point of national pride and was hailed as a priceless PR coup for the country and for President Pin era. But no one could have known what the outcome would be at the beginning of the ordeal. In fact, Pin era said, "Many people thought the rescue was impossible and advised me not to get involved, to keep my distance. I decided to take full responsibility without any political consideration... We made a commitment to look for the miners as if they were our sons."

                And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what leadership looks like.

                What Leaders Do

                (1) Take full responsibility. I have blogged about this on several occasions because I believe that this is quite simply the definition of leadership. And when the leader takes full ownership of his or her role, it enables everyone else to excel.

                (2) Assemble the right resources. Pinero and his administration marshalled an impressive variety of experts and resources  to manage every aspect of the rescue. There is no leadership without effective management, and that means investing in the right people and resources in order to execute flawlessly.

                (3) Invite accountability. To be sure, Pinner’s decision to invite the media to view the rescue operation was criticized by many as a publicity stunt. Whatever his motives, he probably wouldn't invite a worldwide audience to watch him fail. Transparency and accountability build trust and keep us on our toes, and good leaders seek them out.

                (4) Take it personally. It may be business, but business affects people's lives. Decide to care about people --be they your employees, customers, or some other group of stakeholders--as if they were your sons or daughters.

                (5) Rise above politics. There is an element of politics to nearly every decision we make as leaders, even (or especially) when it's "the right thing" to do. The savvy leader is aware of the political landscape, but using politics as a proxy for making tough leadership decisions is a shortcut to irrelevance.

                When we get it right, leadership has the power to unite, transform tragedy to triumph, and to literally save lives. President Pin era showed us that it's both simple and perhaps the hardest thing we can do: take full responsibility without regard for the politics.

                Even four years later, reading about the heroic leadership demonstrated by Pin era and his administration and " Los 33" (the stranded miners) made me want to jump up and cheer. Start acting on these leadership lessons yourself, and you might inspire some cheers of your own.


                       * N.B Surprise change Of Somaliland Politics Is A New Door Opportunity of Progress!


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