Borama Has Been A Small Military Base In Somalia Regime's Era For Thirty Years.

Monday September 13, 2021 - 10:17:41 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    Borama Has Been A Small Military Base In Somalia Regime's Era For Thirty Years.

    W/Q:Abdiqani Salaf.

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W/Q:Abdiqani Salaf.
Borama has been a small military base in Somalia regime's Era for thirty years. It didn't have enough clean water, it didn't have paved roads in the city, so it didn't even have modern hotels and towers or floors not even a single university. The highway connecting Hargeisa did not even reach that time.

Today, while Borama is under the Somaliland flag, all basic needs have been met.

Borama has more than 10 private and public universities, including Amoud State University, Somalia's most prestigious university.

2 Borama is the largest water city in Somaliland.

3 It has the highest number of modern floor buildings in all regions of Somaliland with the exception of Hargeisa the capital. Borama is the fastest growing city in terms of housing as well as.

4 Borama is also the most beautiful city in the country.

5 Borama is the home of pioneering knowledge.

6 Borama extends to the main road connecting Hargeisa and other regions.

7 Borama elects its own local council and is not appointed by Mogadishu.

8 Borama yesterday was the streets of big trucks only but to day there is lot of luxury cars because of new modern roads built in streets of the city by the elected council.

9 In Borama, the standard of living changed from 100% to 300% in the latest study with respect to the total trade in the city and the distribution of the population in the city.

And many others introduced Somaliland Era. did Borama miss a military of Somalia or did it recover and thrive in Somaliland?

All praise be to Almighty Allah

Abdiqani Salaf.

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