The Newly Elected Somaliland Parliamentary MPs Are On Auction Sale ( Abdi-Shotaly).

Monday July 19, 2021 - 22:48:42 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    The Newly Elected Somaliland Parliamentary MPs Are On Auction Sale ( Abdi-Shotaly).

    By Abdi-Shotaly.

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By Abdi-Shotaly.

Since this mental Soldier and it's idiots ( the so called Ministers under him) are robbed the national election, named this man as president " The one who remained alive after the real Heros of this country are gone" In SNM Fighting Liberation. because he never ever fired one single bullet during that above mentioned liberation. he was living in excuses of nothing, when ever a war or fighting takes place or broke out between SNM forces and those of Faqash ( The Big-Mouthed soldier's Army), while he was in that context, again Surprisingly, some of his followers labelled new names such us Hero, President, but he said at Agabar Village "I am a chief of a clan" and that is the real status of him. honestly he described hinself and drew his true picture. to clarify his personality, please read the following Story.

Lis Dairy

Parliamentary Votes Is On Street Sale :-

Forget when he robbed the counts of presidential election that we passed at 13th/ November of 2017's, my reader, Come now and read what is going around the " Xaafad-Tooyo" Which is the Ex-Morgan's House. The country gone under two elections which are the Following at the bottom in here:-

(a) Local Election:- This empty Soldier at the above, has tried to deceive all Mayors of the country, put his pressure in every way he can on them, i.e in financial, for example, he wanted to buy the mayors of Togdheer, Awdal, Marood-Jeex, Berbera, Erigavo, Las-Anod and so many-many others. He met with elderly people of tribes in clan wise, tell them to stop their members voting from Opposition parties, but unluckily, he failed in every effort that he made, he helplessly succeeded in Berbera And Gebiley only. all others became under opposition parties OF Ucidd & Waddani.

(b) Unexpectedly, the Newly Elected 82 MPs ( Parliamentary Members) are Are cheaper than " On Sale" They are at the prise of Auction". Others were promised to give them ministerial job, after they nominated the man who is the joker of the Soldier " The Old Man Whom he call Mr Faratoon" Who is absolutely unsuitable to this job, or can't manage it at his age, he is very tired man, but he is in favour and "Yes man" To the Man who remained alive, after all real heros are passed way In SNM Liberations.

In conclusion, this useless, corrupted, mental and chief of a clan, can not win this chair by hook-and-crook. The Opposition parties got the majority of this newly Elected Somaliland Parliamentary votes, they got 46 out of 82 members, remining MPs is only 36 members, whom are bribed by the clan Chief at " Morgan's House". All-in-all, lies and cheating the public ideas can not work any more, people are more realistic than what the soldier thinks. My friends, here is the true story, Mr Abdirazak Khaliif is the most appropriate candidate of this Parliamentary Chairman job. in all walks of life, he is Educated, keeping neutrality (He is not supporting either side), Honest, not a "Yes Man" but doing everything according to our constitution, all though this rubbish soldier want somebody who works for his benefit only, but not for the sake of National Interest. So Let us see the outcome sooner or later, it can take not only days but could be months, let us wait, see and watch what will happen at the Election day of Parliamentary Chair person.

*N.B Nothing Is More Worth Than The Reality.

By Abdi-Shotaly.


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