Somaliland: Preliminary Elections Are In; Some Surprises, Some Needed Improvements

Monday June 07, 2021 - 10:53:38 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    Somaliland: Preliminary Elections Are In; Some Surprises, Some Needed Improvements

    Ali Mohamed Abokot

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Ali Mohamed Abokot
The Somaliland National Election Commission (NEC) has released the preliminary results for the 2021 parliamentary and local council which took place on Monday, May 31st, 2021. All these results are subject to certification by the Somaliland Constitutional Court.

Lis Dairy

1. The turnout was 65%. The highest ever. Of the one million plus registered voters, more 650,000 cast their ballots.

2. The 82 House of Representative seats and 220 local council seats were on the ballot.

3. The opposition parties have, combined, won the majority of these local council seats. Even though, the ruling party, Kulmiye won the most, 83, the opposition parties, Waddani & UCID's combined seats, 137, will give them control of local councils, if they decide to form a coalition.

4. This is also the case in the House of Representatives, which preliminary results indicate will be a hung parliament. Kulmiye and Waddani attained 30 and 31 seats, respectively, whilst UCID trailed with 21. Already, the opposition parties have announced a coalition in parliament.

5. Two Waddani candidates, one for the House of Representatives, Barkhad Batun Hersi, and the other, Abdikarim Ahmed Moge, for the Hargeysa local council, garnered over 20,000 votes each. The most votes, ever, in Somaliland parliamentary and local council election.

6. The two largest cities in the country, Hargeysa and Burco, get new Mayors.

7. Three, 3, women candidates for local councils were elected. All 3 councillors are from districts in the extreme West and Eastern regions of the country.

8. This is the first Somaliland election in which the opposition parties have not lodged complaints of interference against the ruling administration, against the NEC, Police or the Media.

On the other hand,

1. All the 10 women candidates for the House of Representatives were unsuccessful in their quest for representation in the parliament.

2. Of the 220 council seats available, only 3, were won by women.

All in all, the elections were declared free, fair and credible by the international monitors from many countries across the globe. A victory for all Somalilanders.

However, it is quit clear, whilst democracy flourishes in Somaliland, more needs to be done to have universal representation of the society as a whole.

Ali Mohamed Abokot


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